Old sketch 3, The Glass | Il Vetro

Old Sketch 03

The glass | Il vetro, mixed media on paper, 32×22,5, 1987

Doodled in Paris, 1987.

Scarabocchiato a Parigi, 1987.

Brown Paper Sketch 90 | Schizzo da pacchi 90


Brown Paper Sketch 90 | Schizzo da pacchi 90, semi-hard pastels and pencil on brown paper, 2016

Well, and here is a new Brown Paper Sketch, just in case.

Overturnable Sketch 4 | Schizzo rovesciabile 4

Overturnable Sketch 4

Overturnable Sketch 4 | Schizzo rovesciabile 4, pastel, ball pen and marker on paper, 2013

This is an overturnable sketch, just in case.




100%, acrylic on canvas, 100×100, 2005

As is my custom, I never use descriptive titles. This one may be an exception, since the title has almost something to deal with the painting itself. The size of the canvas is actually 100×100.

Com’è mia abitudine, non uso mai titoli descrittivi. Questa potrebbe essere un’eccezione, in quanto il titolo ha qualcosa a che vedere con il quadro. La tela è infatti di 100×100 cm.

Unleashed Sketch 325 | Schizzo scatenato 325

Unleashed Sketch 325

Unleashed Sketch 325 | Schizzo scatenato 325, pastel, pencil and ball pen on colored paper, 2016

Well, after a hiatus of several months, here is one more unleashed sketch, just finished.

Cardboard Towns: A Small Exhibition


A small exhibition of paintings & drawings of mine will take place from 9th to 15th of December 2015 at the SMS-Biblio, in Pisa (the town’s public library), on the occasion of the presentation of my firt mystery novel In Bianco [In White], on Friday December 11. One of the paintigs was used for the very cover of the book.

Overturnable Sketch 3 | Schizzo rovesciabile 3

Overturnable Sketch 3

Overturnable Sketch 3 | Schizzo rovesciabile 3, pastel, ball pen and pencil on paper, 2013

This is an overturnable sketch, just in case.


Two Book Trailers for my new mystery novel

Here is two book trailers for my upcoming mystery novel, In Bianco (In White), that I made with some drawings of mine, some roogh footage and some little pieces of music I wrote. Learn more about this book here.

Photo & Painting 7

Foto 007

This is a photo of the Piazza Matteotti Skyscraper in Livorno (Leghorn), shot during fall 2015. As I already said, although my paintings & drawings never represent actual towns or urban landscapes, there are buildings and places out there that may resemble to, or work as (semi-conscious) inspiration material for, some doodles of mine. Such as those right below.



The Cover of My New Mystery Novel


And here it is, ladies and gentlemen, the complete cover for my upcoming mystery novel In Bianco (In White), which will be released November 2015 by Atmosphere Libri. The picture on the front cover is Maybe Later, a painting of mine (acrylic on cardboard, 50×70, 2010).

Maybe Later | Casomai più tardi

Maybe later | Casomai più tardi

Maybe later | Casomai più tardi, acrylic on cardboard, 50×70, 2010

Reposting this Maybe Later at a better resolution.

Ripubblico questo Casomai più tardi a una risoluzione migliore.

Dear #Bloggers, Do You Accept #Blog Awards?

This is really near to what I think about this “blog awards” stuff, that I dont’accept either.

Daily (w)rite

Bloggers accepting Blog Awards Do Blog Awards Build Community?

Over the six years I’ve been blogging, I’ve received hundreds of blog awards, but after I tried accepting the first one, I knew it was not for me.

I’d rather have my sidebar link to sites that are useful for writers, or to folks that have interests like mine– I can’t stand the clutter of various awards.

My idea of appreciating a fellow blogger or being appreciated simply means commenting on each others’ blogs. I find that bloggers give me awards out of the blue– specially on posts which have a lot of comments or likes.

Call me suspicious, but it seems to me that they just want to leave more than one link back to their sites. The very rule that requires folks to go and leave a link to their post on someone else’s blog seems spammy to me. I may have…

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A Book Trailer (In Bianco)

I made a book trailer of my upcoming mystery novel, In Bianco, and I put it online. You’ll maybe notice some doodles of mine – coming from this very blog – in it. I also wrote the little tune of the soundtrack. Enjoy.