Surprise From Outer Space: a short story

Surprise FromOuter Space short story
Surprise FromOuter Space short story e-book cover

That’s right, you read right: here is a little short story of mine, Surprise From Outer Space, and you can download it for free by clicking here (PDF format). As a director and cartoonist, I have written scripts for animated series, feature projects and a bunch of more stuff, including short stories.

What is this all about? Well, it’s some science fiction, even if you won’t find starships, alien creatures or teletransportation in it. It’s the story of an unlikely event that changes life on earth, as seen by a lonesome astronomer (who is longing for a juicy beefsteak). I’ll say no more – it’d be a surprise, after all, wouldn’t it be?

Enjoy – and comment, if you’re in the mood for.


Download Surprise From Outer Space – a short story by Marco Bigliazzi


4 thoughts on “Surprise From Outer Space: a short story

  1. Love the story. Sounds a very peaceful life up on that observatory. I’d miss the cows too, not for the steaks, but no cows also means no cheese! Life without cheese… Oh, well, if it gets rid of reality TV it can’t be all bad, can it?

    We humans are never satisfied – it’s a monkey thing – more money, more toys, or in this case: more stories, please!

  2. Cow sound amazing !… i thought this would be another Christmas story… but it was light dark and enjoyable.

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