Awards? No, thanks

Cardboard TownsIn the past months, several really kind bloggers have nominated my blogs for some so called blog awards. I don’t remember all the names, there was something like the Very Inspiring Blogger award, the Beautiful Blogger award, the Sunshine Award, and so on. I was flattered, I thanked them, but I have always declined.

Frankly, I don’t like this stuff of awards.

In the first place, it sounds to me like turning everything into competition. Appreciation, if any, can be expressed in the comments, yet. No need to put a logo on it.

In the second place, I find a strong chain letters flavor in it. Yes, because there are some rules that come along with the award. They may change a little depending on the specific one, but they’re basically something like say 7 things about you and nominate other 15 blogs you like, put a link to their blog, etc.

Some say that this is a way to spread the blog, to find more readers. This seems to me a quite desperate way, like chain letters are.

Or I might be simply too lazy. Who knows?


8 thoughts on “Awards? No, thanks

  1. Bling doesn’t fascinate me much either, but the thought is always nice. I enjoy your sketches and ‘like’ them often, but you will never receive an award from me because I somewhat feel the same way as you. It’s like a pyramid scheme.

  2. You’ve done better than I by thanking them. I’ve decided just to ignore all such awards even though they’re mostly from people whose sites I like, thinking they’ll eventually realize there’s no point nominating me. Maybe that’s laziness.

    I like the chain letter analogy.

  3. You are lazy. Admit it :)) And you don’t want to pass on this nominations to others, because that means you think they ae just as good as you are.. deserving to be encouraged.For bloggers who “DO NOT” want nominations WordPress should put a nice cross over their blog. And the moment someone try to nominate, it should be barred… one is going to bother you and disturb your work..

  4. I’ve seen these awards on some blogs.. and wondered what they were; and who did the nomination and such… hmmmmm….
    The way you describe it, it sounds like an other way to “get out there” and just an other way to promote your blog.
    If that’s for me, I don’t know… There are SO many things one could do to “get out there”.. and at some point one would have to say STOP! So good for you – you took a stand :)

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