Portrait of Spam Follower

Portrait of Spam Follower, pastel, pencil and ball pen on paper, 2014

Do you have Spam Followers? Well, if you are blogging it’s most likely that you do. A Spam Follower is someone who tries to sell you something by following your blog, The SF (that here doesn’t mean Science Fiction but Spam Follower, of course) clicks on the follow button of your blog and then waits for your curiosity to lead you to see who the hell is this charming person so interested in your blog. And once on their blog you’ll discover what they are trying to sell you.

This may be a dating site (have you noticed the “Colombian Cuties”?), a loan, a financial service, some more or less strange tool, or even their wisdom. These – the wisdom chaps – are the most funny. Usually they try to convince you that you could solve all your problems in life jus as they did. They have understood The Meaning and own The Big Answers to The Big Questions, or almost. They can teach you how to make money or be healthy, improve yourself, be honest, be relaxed, reach Nirvana, and – for who goes for that – meet God. Sometimes all of the above. This Cosmic Debris is often presented as just shared with you, given for free. How generous!

The SF follows you just for this purpose: he/she is not interested in what the hell you are blogging about. A close brother of the SF is the Spam Liker – someone who likes your stuff for the same reasons why the SF follows you.

Spam Followers are certainly annoying, but sometimes they are unintentionally hilarious – just as spam email is.

Have you ever experienced this phenomenon? Have you got any SF story that’s worth to be told? The comments are open.


6 thoughts on “Portrait of Spam Follower

  1. I think the best is simply to ignore them. Spam likers give up after some time if you do not react. I remember one with a fitness studio who “liked” several of my articles. Unfortunately his studio is in the US (I am in Germany). Too bad for him. Spam followers normally just increase the number of your followers by 1 and have no other effect. Spam comments can easily be identified “This is just what I was looking for” (although obviously I have no idea what it is). Just trash such comments.
    There is one guy who is some kind of a stalker. He linked one of my articles repeatedly from totally unrelated nonsense articles (in one case with nazi content). Here the rule applies: “don’t feed the troll”. I just trashed those pingbacks and ignore it.
    Actually one should not only ignore such people (which takes your time) but instead “don’t even ignore them” :-)

  2. Great post and image! I don’t have anything profound to say and I am not trying to sell you anything-I am human and I need to blog.

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