What do you see here? | Tu, cosa ci vedi?

What do you see here? | Tu, cosa ci vedi?

What do you see here? | Tu, cosa ci vedi?, acrylic on canvas, 120×80, 2005

Please note: What do you see here? is not a real question about the content of this painting. It is the title of the painting itself. Anyway, feel free to write in the comments what do you see here.

Nota bene: Tu, cosa ci vedi? non è una vera domanda sul contenuto di questo quadro. E’ il titolo del quadro. Comunque, se vi va, potete scrivere nei commenti cosa ci vedete.


    • Marco Bigliazzi

      I had already seen those interesting sketches of ruins, which are tied to a specific, real moment of life and history (I guess). For I am concerned, I don’t know how the ruins concept could be translated in what I draw. Maybe some pictures of mine already are about something close to ruins, I don’t know. But it worth thinking about – it’s an interesting subject.
      About “what do you see here?”, to me it’s more an industrial-harbour-scape against some informal stuff that might resemble a fiery sunset. But maybe this is not the point – it’s just a bunch of acrylic painting on canvas, after all.

      • nannus

        If I understand right what you are doing, what you paint and draw is not real architecture but something imaginary, inspired by the experience of real cities and industrial landscapes. But there is a spectrum of more or less abstract things. The more abstract drawings contain less information from the real world and as such invite the beholder to put in more of himself or herself.
        In any case, many of your sketches produce a resonance in my brain.

  1. simplemotion19

    L’uomo non potrà mai eguagliare la bellezza e l’imponenza di un tramonto.Vedo un netto contrasto tra uomo e natura :)

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