Unleashed Sketch 283 | Schizzo scatenato 283

Unleashed Sketch 283
Unleashed Sketch 283 | Schizzo scatenato 283, pastel, pencil and ball pen on paper, 2014

A new unleashed sketch, just finished.


2 thoughts on “Unleashed Sketch 283 | Schizzo scatenato 283

  1. One question about how you draw: do you have a plan before you start drawing? Do you imagine the sketch before you draw it or does it develop spontanously while you are drawing, surprising yourself? Or both?

    1. It depends upon time to time, how I feel and if I already have something in mind. Sometimes I just enjoy sort of game of spotting “shapes in the clouds” from roughly random stuff and see how it evolves. Sometimes there is a definite idea. And both,

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