What If I Sell My Art?

Here’s the deal: I recently started considering the possibility of selling my paintings, drawings & doodles on the net (and elsewhere). I know that there are some people out there that seem to like this stuff, even if I’m aware that followers are not buyers, but the idea is maybe not totally laughable. Anyway, I’m not sure about how. I mean, to start a sort of online shop and stuff. So, a couple – three, really – of questions to whoever bothers to answer: is it worth selling art on the net? is my stuff saleable? any advice about how to start?

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7 thoughts on “What If I Sell My Art?

  1. I’m sure your work is saleable. It all depends on the size of your work and the price. I know that a lot people sell their work on Etsy. You might also consider making cards or creating prints from your originals. That makes art more affordable for most people. Just a thought.

  2. etsy.com is a popular marketplace… (I have some of the same questions that you have… I would start by investigating etsy.com for information). I have purchased art prints there in the past.

  3. Your art is amazing! I’m positive people would buy it. If I had enough extra cash I know I would. Especially considering the color palette you favor, your paintings would mesh easily into a variety of rooms, business or personal.

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