A Book Trailer (In Bianco)

I made a book trailer of my upcoming mystery novel, In Bianco, and I put it online. You’ll maybe notice some doodles of mine – coming from this very blog – in it. I also wrote the little tune of the soundtrack. Enjoy.

In Bianco: In White, a novel


This is a little litterary announcement: my first novel, In Bianco (In White) in November 2015 will be published in Italy (and in Italian) by Atmosphere Libri, which also has a blog on WP. It’s a mystery-thriller. Learn more about the book on In Bianco Blog an In Bianco FB Page.

BTW, any English editor interested?

Il prossimo Novembre verrà pubblicato, per i tipi di Atmosphere Libri, che ha anche un blog su WP, il mio primo romanzo, In Bianco (ci sono anche un blog e una pagina fb dedicati).