Old sketch 3, The Glass | Il Vetro

Old Sketch 03
The glass | Il vetro, mixed media on paper, 32×22,5, 1987

Doodled in Paris, 1987.

Scarabocchiato a Parigi, 1987.


Brown Paper Sketch 90 | Schizzo da pacchi 90

Brown Paper Sketch 90 | Schizzo da pacchi 90, semi-hard pastels and pencil on brown paper, 2016

Well, and here is a new Brown Paper Sketch, just in case.

Overturnable Sketch 4 | Schizzo rovesciabile 4

Overturnable Sketch 4
Overturnable Sketch 4 | Schizzo rovesciabile 4, pastel, ball pen and marker on paper, 2013

This is an overturnable sketch, just in case.



100%, acrylic on canvas, 100×100, 2005

As is my custom, I never use descriptive titles. This one may be an exception, since the title has almost something to deal with the painting itself. The size of the canvas is actually 100×100.

Com’è mia abitudine, non uso mai titoli descrittivi. Questa potrebbe essere un’eccezione, in quanto il titolo ha qualcosa a che vedere con il quadro. La tela è infatti di 100×100 cm.

Unleashed Sketch 325 | Schizzo scatenato 325

Unleashed Sketch 325
Unleashed Sketch 325 | Schizzo scatenato 325, pastel, pencil and ball pen on colored paper, 2016

Well, after a hiatus of several months, here is one more unleashed sketch, just finished.