Urban Photo 8

Another photo related to my paintings/drawings. This one was taken in Paris, near the Boulevard Péripherique, bordering 18th arrondissement, fall 2005.

Urban Photo 7


The top corner of a building. I used to live up there, once – but this is not the reason why I have choosen this picture. This shot has been taken in winter 2017 in Pisa, not far from the railway central station.

Urban Photo 6


Downtown Livorno, winter 2017

Another piece of town that may end up somewhere in some painting of mine. This shot has been taken in winter 2017 in the center of Livorno.

Exhibition & Book Presentation


Double event. On Friday, November the 17th, at 9:00pm, the presentation of my second mystery novel, In Nero [In Black] and the opening of the exhibition Indizi di Città [Clues of City] of some paintings of mine will take place in Pontedera (near Pisa), at the bookstore Libreria Roma.

Doppio eventi. Venerdì 17 Novembre, alle 21:00, ci sarà la presentazione del mio secondo romanzo In Nero e, in contemporanea, l’inaugurazione della mostra di miei dipinti e disegni Indizi di Città, presso la Libreria Roma di Pontedera (PI), in via della Misericordia 18.

Urban Photo 5

As I already said, I use to make painting and drawing of imaginary towns, even if there are real urban perspectives that may resemble my stuff. This one has been taken in winter 2017 in the center of Livorno.

Urban Photo 4

Frac Brétagne, Rennes

This is a shot of the interior of the Frac Brétagne, in the Cité Universitaire Villejean in the outskirts of Rennes, France. It’s a new building housing contemporary art events and exhibitions. This photo was taken in summer 2017.

Urban Photo 3


Approaching Firenze Santa Maria Novella station by train, this is a shot of one of the many urban corner that can be seen. Taken in fall 2017 in Florence.