A Scattered Exhibition | Una mostra sparsa


The title is Arte Per Studi – literally Art For (Law) Firms or also Art Through (Law) Firms – and it’s a scattered exhibition between the beautiful premises of three law firms in the very historical centre of Pisa. Here, several paintings and drawings of mine will be on display for about one month, December 19 2018 – January 18 2019.

You can find out more about this on the Arte Per Studi facebook page.


Il titolo è Arte Per Studi ed è una mostra sparsa tra le splendide sedi di tre studi legali nel centro storico di Pisa. Qui, diversi miei dipinti e disegni saranno esposti per circa un mese, dal 19 dicembre 2018 al 18 gennaio 2019.

Per saperne di più: ecco la pagina facebook di Arte Per Studi.


5 thoughts on “A Scattered Exhibition | Una mostra sparsa

  1. I hope you don’t think I’m being too forward….what a grand opportunity to exhibit! I have followed your work via wordpress for some time and find it intriguing. But, it is my experience that anyone visiting a lawyer’s office leaves most of his money with the lawyer – leaving little to purchase art…I hope the lawyers take the opportunity to make your paintings theirs!

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