Cardboard Town | La città di cartone

Cardboard Town | La città di cartone – Exhibition banner

Cardboard Towns as a title  comes from the Cardboard Town exhibition held at the SMS Art Center, Pisa, between june and august 2011, where I gathered a bunch of paintings, drawings and videos of mine.

On the web, Cardboard Towns is almost the same, but without the bar and the air conditioning unit out of order. What you’ll find here is a bunch of photos of what I paint & sketch, grouped in galleries for your convenience or just scattered here and there.  Mostly acrylics on canvas or cardboard, the paintings are medium-large sizes (cm. 100×70, 120×100, 150×100, etc.), while the sketches & other alike doodles are mixed media (pastel, pencil, ball pen, marker). There are also some videos.

In case someone cares, here is an interview about all this stuff that was published on the first issue of the Journal Of Urban Cultural Studies and can be downloaded for free.

Me? Well, just click the pronoun. Enjoy


Città di Cartone, o Cardboard Towns per gli anglofoni,  come titolo viene fuori da una mostra che si è tenuta al Centro Espositivo SMS, a Pisa, tra il giugno e l’agosto 2011, dove ho esposto un mucchio di tele, disegni e qualche video.

In rete, Città di Cartone è più o meno lo stesso ma senza il bar e l’aria condizionata fuori uso. Quelle che troverete, organizzate in gallerie, qui sono foto di ciò che pitturo. Si tratta perlopiù di acrilici e tecniche miste su tela o cartone. Spesso i formati sono medio-grandi, sui 100×70, 120×100, 150×100 ecc. Ci sono anche alcuni video.

Io? Be’, fate clic sul pronome. Buona visione




  1. Thomas Ross

    Some striking, interesting work in your Cardboard Towns. I’m exploring, among other topics, the link between mindfulness and the creative process. Will be happily following.

  2. Nicholas Herbert

    Thanks for the follow Marco! Did you get to see Hoedicke’s paintings? I don’t think your work is similar by the way, just you create the sense of ‘mass’ and volume with the same authority.

  3. Michele D'Acosta

    Fantastic and inspiring work. As soon as I started looking at your sketches I thought they’d be great for animation. And then I discovered that you and your production studio make animated films! I have a hybrid animation, live action and documentary film project set in New York at the beginning of hip-hop movement. Your drawings of high-rise buildings are in exactly the style I’ve visualized for the movie. Would love to try and raise some European co-production money and come make a film with you in Italy. Think big… Dream big. Best wishes, Michele (Not a guy but a girl!)

  4. neuroticocomic

    I love your work- you have all kinds of cool stuff to look at! I will come back again to check out your blog in more detail. Thanks for following my blog!

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