Way back in 1986, when I was a really young student, a small publisher – Felici Editore – approached me with the proposal to draw an illustrated book about Pisa. I thought a little while about it and then I went back to the kind, old man and said: – I’ll do it, but it will not be another dull book about monuments and beautiful sunsets on the river and stuff. Maybe there will be no tower at all.

Mr. Spartaco took a deep breath, shrugged and said: – Ok, begin drawing.

A few months later – after a hot summer spent feverishly writing and drafting – the book was ready and was eventually published in October.

The picture below are the illustrations of this book, which was titled simply Pisa.


5 thoughts on “Pisa, The Book

  1. Wow Marco, these are incredible. Such beautiful craftmanship, and such an intimate relationship to the city. Maybe there will be no tower at all, but maybe it is impossible to resist ;)

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