Awards? No, thanks

Cardboard TownsIn the past months, several really kind bloggers have nominated my blogs for some so called blog awards. I don’t remember all the names, there was something like the Very Inspiring Blogger award, the Beautiful Blogger award, the Sunshine Award, and so on. I was flattered, I thanked them, but I have always declined.

Frankly, I don’t like this stuff of awards.

In the first place, it sounds to me like turning everything into competition. Appreciation, if any, can be expressed in the comments, yet. No need to put a logo on it.

In the second place, I find a strong chain letters flavor in it. Yes, because there are some rules that come along with the award. They may change a little depending on the specific one, but they’re basically something like say 7 things about you and nominate other 15 blogs you like, put a link to their blog, etc.

Some say that this is a way to spread the blog, to find more readers. This seems to me a quite desperate way, like chain letters are.

Or I might be simply too lazy. Who knows?

Seven Legged Express Journey

This time, the title of this post isn’t the title of a painting of mine, even if it could be. It’s actually the name of a cool blog featuring cool webcomics: Seven Legged Express Journey. I immediately liked the title when I found it by chance, even if I still don’t exactly know what does it mean (sometimes it makes me think of 7/8 odd time signatures I enjoy playing on drums). I liked the comic cartoon, too, with the Panda, the Deer and the mysterious cats.

Now, it comes up that the nice authors of that nice blog nominated this very blog of mine, Cardboard Towns, for the Sunshine Award. Well – here is something really flattering. It’s always a pleasure, and a honor, this kind of things – expecially when they come from someone you appreciate.

As is my custom, I am not stepping into this award game, anyway. Why? Here is the answer – or maybe I’m simply too lazy to follow the award rules.

So, a million thanks to Pedo Koneko (the Seven Legged Express Journey authors), congratulations for their nomination,  and best wishes for their cartoons – that I’m following.

I strongly recommend Seven Legged Express Journey to anyone reading these lines. Well? What are you doing still here? Act now and click the link!