Latecomers for Firecrackers, Music & Video

Latecomers For Firecrackers (Troppo Tardi Pei Petardi) is a piece for percussion ensemble. I wrote it as I always do, drawing the notes on a sequencer piano-roll (somehow similar to Conlon Nancarrow’s way of composing), ad it’s here performed by a Low-Budget Digital Consort. The video that goes along is a soup of edited raw footage shot with a Pocket Smart Communication Device (smartphone).

PercLero (Percussion Bolero), a video

PercLero, as the very word might suggest, is a Percussion Bolero. I wrote this little piece of music in a similar way Conlon Nancarrow used to, drawing the notes on a piano roll. Here, PercuLero is played by a cheap automatic digital consort. For those of you who enjoy music theory stuff, I’ll say that PercuLero is based on a 9/4 ostinato with irregular rhythmic groupings (mostly 3, 5 e 7) over it.

In the video, I stuffed a bunch of Unleashed Sketches of mine, mixed media on several types of paper.

65 Sketches for Portraits, a Video

I have drawn, and posted on this very blog, 65 Sketches for Portraits so fat. As I have done with the 90 Brown paper Sketches, today I have stuffed this bunch of images into another video and then I have written a little piece of music to go along with. 65 Sketches for Portraits is the result, and you can watch it right here above.

90 Brown Paper Sketches, a Video

I have drawn, and posted on this very blog, 90 Brown Paper Sketches so fat. Today I have stuffed this bunch of images into a video and then I wrote a little piece of music to go along with. 90 Brown Paper Sketches is the result, and you can watch it right here above.

La città di cartone / Cardboard Town – video

Una rapida video-presentazione della mostra La città di cartone. A Pisa, Centro espositivo SMS, Viale delle Piagge, 12 giugno – 17 luglio 2011 [prolungata fino al 4 agosto].

A little video for the art exhibition Cardboard Town. It’s a bunch of paintings, drawings & videos of mine. Acrylics on canvas or cardboard & other elegant devices to cover up wall fissures. Pisa, Centro Espositivo SMS, viale delle Piagge, June 12 – July 17 2011 [extended till August 4].

Il matto con gli stivali – Fools In Boots

Questo non c’entra molto con i Tappacrepe, ma eccolo qua lo stesso: si tratta di un cortometraggio che ho messo insieme nei ritagli di tempo che restano sul pavimento dello studio di animazione. E’ basato su un mio pezzo di un paio di anni fa, Il matto con gli stivali, eseguito dalla solita macchinetta economica (sequencer MIDI).

This one has not much in common with fissure-cover ups, but here it is anyway: a short movie I concocted in a few spare time fragments at the animation studio. It is made up on a little composition of mine, Fools In Boots, here played by a cheesy MIDI sequencer.

Videomontaggio di Tappacrepe

Ecco qui un breve video in cui ho montato un po’ di tappacrepe. La colonna sonora è un mio pezzo del 2009, Concertino Libertino, primo movimento – spettinato (non troppo), eseguito per l’occasione da una macchinetta economica (cioè da un sequencer MIDI per PC).

Here is a short film in which I edited some fissure-cover ups of mine. The soundtrack is a little composition of mine, Rakish Concertino, first movement, uncomb (not much), played by a low-budget digital orchestra (MIDI sequencer).