Hungry? Sincerely I don’t know if these taste well, or even if they could be eaten. Better don’t try.

8 thoughts on “The Hungry Sketches Gallery

  1. Hi, these are absolutely beautiful! I’ve been drawing for a couple of years now but only small still-lifes (think fruit), and in graylead only. I’ve been looking to start drawing buildings and landscapes for a few months but I don’t know how to start a drawing and it not turn out like a child-like outline! Any tips? Also, do you draw from memory, from life or from a photograph?

    1. Hi Thabucketsofar – well, it’s impossible to explain or just give useful tips on such subject matter in a few lines… what I can recommend is “don’t panic” and don’t be afraid to experiment. And, just go and see: towns, streets, places, buildings, and imagine to reassemble them elsewhere. About my drawings, thay are just memory and invention – these are not real towns but invented ones.
      Keep on drafting & doodling – Marco

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