Urban Photo 24



This shot of a chest-of-drawers-like building has been taken in Livorno, Piazza Attis/Via Marradi, December 2018.

Urban Photo 23


This shot has been taken in Rome, around Flaminio, December 2018. I actually have always loved the rear of such buildings – much more than their front, anyway.

Urban Photo 22

Another shot taken in Livorno, winter 2018. This building was originally the “Teatro Margherita”, then has long been a red-light cinema, until the Internet took over in that kind of entertainment. Now the building has been restored, and shold open as a store.

Old Sketch 25, The Intermission | L’Intermezzo

Old Sketch 25
The Intermission | L’intermezzo, ball pen and gouache on paper, 1987

Doodled in Paris, 1987. Ball pen and gouache on paper.

Scarabocchiato a Parigi, 1987. Penna biro e tempera su carta.